A Brief Introduction

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A Brief Introduction

Journal of Integrative Medicine Case Reports (JIMCR) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal of Swami Paramhansa Samsthana, Bengaluru. The Journal is published half-yearly and can be read online as well.. It is devoted to the AYUSH system of Medicine and other systems of medicine. The Journal publishes Editorials, Original Articles, Case Studies and Reviews.

Aims & scope

We are committed to the rapid publication of original findings as case report and original articles that increase our understanding of the health effects through integrated systems of medicine. We encourage experimental data that has implications for the advancement of knowledge in the field of Integrative health. A variety of disciplines including anatomy, theory, Integrative medicine, in-vitro systems, imaging, and molecular biology may help to report the results. Authors investigating the physiological mechanisms underlying pathologies of the nervous system, or papers that report novel technologies of interest to researchers in Integrative health and neurosciences are also welcome. The criteria for acceptance of manuscripts will be scientific excellence, originality, adherence to ethical norms, defiance of dogma based on sound evidence and relevance to the field of Integrative medicine based on peer review of manuscripts. Although independent peer reviewers are requested by Editor, the authors may suggest a list of three names with expertise to comment on the paper and up to two people who need to be excluded from the review. The editorial board reserves the right to refuse the review process if the paper does not meet the scope of the journal or is not scientifically appealing.

We encourage authors to define the established principles and policies that defy the norms and to argue against accepted dogma. The Editor-in-Chief will make a final decision on the acceptance of the manuscript and would be under no obligation to seek further opinions. We intend to become a gateway through which a wide array of information can be accessed in a single periodical. The goal is to provide peer-reviewed and rapid communications that will foster a clearer understanding of Integrative medicine, the generation of better diagnostic tools, encourage journalism among young scientists and the development of effective prevention and treatment of chronic disorders. All experiments described in the Integrative medicine case reports that involve the use of animal or human subjects must have been approved by the appropriate institutional review committee and conform to accepted ethical standards. However, single case reports only require informed consent from patients or individuals. The proforma for the same may be provided by the editorial office.