• Commentary
  • Year:2020
  • Volume:1
  • Issue:2

Turning gold into platinum: a supplement to guest editorial on “Ministry of Public Health”

SN Deshpande

VL Nimgaonkar


Dr. Ravinder Singh indeed articulated an urgent need for a new, robust Indian public health law based on principles of prevention and promotion by empowering communities. He avers that the current framework of laws is inadequate to deal with new and emerging healthcare emergencies and indeed, even basic healthcare needs. He calls for a comprehensive public health law. He proposes that a new Ministry be formed by integrating modern principles of public health with the ancient Indian indigenous systems of medicine which are currently housed under the AYUSH ministry, which will be the implementation agency for this law. This change, he states, will include expanding the basic medical degree to combine all aspects of medical health, encompassing social, spiritual, mental and medical components of healthcare system (integration at ministry level and college level).