• Case Report
  • Year:2020
  • Volume:1
  • Issue:2

Effect of Integrated Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy (IAYT) on osteoporosis detected in breast cancer patient on remission- A single case study

Satyam Tripathi

Megha Panchal

Nooraini Binti Aliyas


This is a case study for invasive ductal carcinoma diagnosed in a patient aged 60 years in 2015. She went through chemotherapy and radiotherapy and was on remission in 2016. Bone density degeneration was the side effect from the breast cancer treatment. After trying the conventional treatment, she was not satisfied, she came to Union Yoga Ayurveda (UYA), Singapore. She came to clinic looking for alternative therapy to help her increase her bone density, cope up with weakness and overall mental and physical wellbeing. The patient was given holistic treatment of yoga and Ayurveda, involving patra pinda sweda (herbal compress) and picchu (herbal soaked gauze pieces). The yoga therapy involved asanas practise to increase strength, breathing and meditation for overall wellbeing. The patient was not on any other treatment/medication during the entire treatment. After uninterrupted therapy for six months there was an increase in her bone density along with increase in energy level. The patient case study is an attempt to provide yoga and Ayurveda as an alternative/supportive treatment for remission management osteoporosis from breast cancer patients.



Breast Cancer