• Case Report
  • Year:2020
  • Volume:1
  • Issue:2

Subjective study on potts spine with therapeutic yoga intervention

Amudha Rani Narayanan


This is a qualitative single subject intervention assessment involving the treatment of a 58 year old man, diagnosed with para-vertebral abscess due to tubercular pott’s spine with Diabetes since 2008, administered with neuro anaesthesia for pain management, which could not succeed in providing complete relief and hence a parallel attempt was made to treat the same through an integrative mind-body approach to resolving pain. Basic challenges in this process were to conceptualize a personalized approach based on the constitution and personality of the seeker and selection of specific tools of yoga therapy to suit the individual’s requirement. Adoption of yoga therapy involving synergized techniques resulted in holistic cure in a significantly reduced time interval. However, more studies are required to be adopted in the same manner to strengthen the line of the efficacy of such therapies in similar cases.


Pott’s Spine


Integrative Mind-Body Approach

Pain Yoga