• Research Article
  • Year:2021
  • Volume:2
  • Issue:2

Confronting the potential role of Yoga in molecular profile of rural high risk women for Diabetes: a pilot study

Navneet Kaur

Shweta Ahuja

Kanupriya Sharma

Rakesh Malik

Kavita Bakshi

Surinder Pal

Gurmeet Singh

Sarika Dhiman

Kiran Sharma

Neeru Malik


Background and purpose: The beneficial impact of Yoga has been shown in the previous studies done in the past. The mind-body practices like Yoga proven to be shown ameliorating effect on diabetes and prediabetes. The majority of previous published literature focused their attention on the glucose parameters in the diabetic and prediabetic pathology. The purpose of the present pilot study is to explore the effect of AYUSH approved Diabetic Yoga Protocol (DYP) on selected angiogenesis and neurogenesis markers in high risk rural women for Diabetes. Methods: Total 15 high-risk women for Diabetes selected from rural area of Chandigarh was selected in the present pilot study for 3 months. The pre-post single group experimental research design was used in the pilot study. The changes in angiogenesis, neurogenesis parameters and leptin were assessed at baseline and after 3 months changes after DYP intervention. Results: The result of the present study revealed that after 3 months of DYP intervention the statistically significant improvements were noticed on serum VEGF levels (p=0.039). The improvements on angiogenin and BDNF levels were also seen after DYP practice. Conclusion: The result of the present pilot study highlights the potential role of DYP on cellular growth and neuronal survival.


Diabetic Yoga Protocol

Indian Diabetes Risk Score