• Case Report
  • Year:2021
  • Volume:2
  • Issue:2

A case study on effect of integrative medicine with combination of hrudaydhara (heart stimulation) and yoga therapy on ejection fraction of patient with history of hypertension

Satyam Tripathi

Mika Azuma

Rohin Vinayak


Today, cardiovascular disease has become a global health issue owing to high-stress in personal and professional environments and adverse lifestyle changes with neglected diet and decreased physical activity. Ayurveda and Yoga aim not only to treat diseases but to also reinforce measures to promote health and well-being. Holistic approaches in these two sciences can be used in an effective way to improve cardiovascular health. A blend of Yoga practices and Ayurveda therapy is quintessentially useful for both the mind and body. Sun Salutation and Mind Sound Resonance Technique (MSRT) meditation work on calming the mind and allow the body to transition into a high energy state for moderate exercise. This is followed ultimately by Hrudaydhara of Ayurveda which focuses on relaxing the intercostal and cardiac muscle which in turn reduces chest discomfort of the patient and eventually improves the ejection fraction of the heart. This shows evidence that integrating yoga and ayurvedic practices with conventional medicine can be a collaborative approach while managing cardiovascular ailments.


Cardiovascular disease



Sun salutation