• Case Report
  • Year:2021
  • Volume:2
  • Issue:2

Integrated therapy as a tool to help fight asymptomatic COVID-19 infection: A case report

Subodh Tiwari

Shruti Sharma

Anita Verma


COVID-19 is a rapidly changing and evolving situation and is extremely challenging to the humankind since it is highly infectious. Around 80% of the COVID-19 patients are asymptomatic but still need special care so that they don’t develop any further serious complications in due course of infection. The aim of present case study was to assess the effect of integrated therapy of yoga and Ayurveda on vital parameters of a COVID-19 positive asymptomatic patient. He was found to be COVID-19 positive with ORF CT value of 29.85. He remained asymptomatic throughout the course of disease. Vital parameters such as body temperature, oxygen saturation, and heart rate remained optimal throughout the course of infection. This was probably due to physical activity such as walking, yoga and Ayurvedic medications which helped in building of immunity. This further prevented progression of the disease to moderate/severe stage and there were no unanticipated events. The patient was rechecked after 8 days and was found to be COVID-19 negative. This implies that Yoga and Ayurveda treatment is effective in controlling symptoms of COVID-19 and prevention of disease progression.