• Case Report
  • Year:2021
  • Volume:2
  • Issue:2

Case Study of a 22-year-old student suffering from crippling migraine attacks.

Pawandeep Singh


A 22-year-old student presented with classical symptoms of intense migraine attacks that had made her eventually completely bedridden. Around 2 years back she started having mild headaches that sometimes lasted up to 2 days at a stretch. Sometimes the headaches were so severe that she was completely bedridden for days together. Initially when the pain started the headaches were mild. She ignored them in the beginning trying relaxation techniques but slowly in the past the episodes started increasing in intensity and duration ultimately culminating in a fear psychosis as the attacks did not have any fixed pattern and could strike anywhere at any time. After finding very little relief from allopathy the patient enrolled herself for yoga therapy at Rudraksh Ashtang yoga center. After observing and analyzing her daily habits for 48 hours minutely, the following observations were made. It was noted that she had already consulted several doctors and had even tried acupressure but failed to find any relief.