• Research Article
  • Year:2022
  • Volume:3
  • Issue:1

General health Status and Tridosha analysis of urban high-risk Diabetes after 3- month Diabetes Yoga Protocol: a pilot study

Kalyan Maity

Navneet Kaur

Rakesh Malik

Gurmeet Singh

Neeru Malik


Background and Purpose: Stress and anxiety have been closely related with insulin resistance, early appearance of diabetes and enhanced diabetes progression. Stress and anxiety also have negative effect on patients’ general health status and quality of life. In earlier study Yoga has been proven as an effective intervention for prevention, treatment, risk reduction of diabetes, and prevent conversion from prediabetes to diabetes and reduce diabetes complication. The present study was aimed to identify the diabetes high risk population and to analyze the effect of 3-month DYP on General health, anxiety, quality of life and Tridosha in urban high risk for diabetes population. Method: Total 12 participants were selected for present study on the basis of inclusion and exclusion criteria and screened through IDRS scale. Five participant were included in the study based on IDRS score (?60). General health, quality of life, State and Trait Anxiety and Tridosha were measured at baseline and after 3 months of Diabetes Yoga Protocol by self-administrated questionnaire. Result: Results showed significant reduction in STAI (p = .001***) and significant improvement in GHQ-12 (p = 0.022*), Physical health (p = 0.018*), Psychological health (p = 0.000***), Environment (p = 0.000***), Total WHOQOL (p = 0.001***), Vata (p = 0.007**), Pitta (p = 0.032*) and total Tridosha (p = 0.002**) score after 3-month of DYP. Conclusion: DYP may helpful for general health, quality of life and reduce anxiety level and Tridosha score in urban high risk for Diabetic population.


Keywords: Anxiety

Quality of Life


Diabetes Yoga Protocol

Urban population

Indian Diabetes Risk Score.