• Research Article
  • Year:2022
  • Volume:3
  • Issue:2

Efficacy of AYUSH Common Yoga protocol along with Surya Namaskar on the Dyslipidemia subjects in Haryana

Jaideep Arya

Divya Singh

Harshit Manav

Kalyan Maity

Yashvee Bhat

Rohin Vinayak

Saras Jyoti

Shweta Ahuja

Monika Gautam

Navneet Kaur

Jyoti Arya

Gurmeet Singh


Background: Dyslipidemia might be the cause of many cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Yoga intervention is known to prevent the progression of various lifestyle-based health conditions. Dyslipidemia marks the onset of early CVD, and a Yoga based-intervention at this stage might reverse the progression. Aim: To analyze the effect of AYUSH Common Yoga Protocol (CYP) and CYP combined with Surya Namaskar (CYP-SN) on dyslipidemia subjects in Haryana. Method: A three-arm randomized controlled trial was carried out in which ninety individuals were allocated into three groups, CYP group, CYP-SN group and control group. Result: The three-month intervention resulted in elevation of HDL- cholesterol (HDL-C) levels in the group that had undergone CYP protocol, as well as CYP-SN protocol, implying the benefits of Surya Namaskar in modifying lipid profile reflecting an improvement in the dyslipidemia. Conclusion: CYP and CYP-SN Yoga group when practiced regularly for a sustained period can help in reducing co-morbidity and severe CVD in subjects with dyslipidemia. When implemented in dynamic way, CYP-SN has shown to have a greater impact in management of dyslipidemia.





Surya Namaskar


Common Yoga Protocol