• Case Report
  • Year:2022
  • Volume:3
  • Issue:2

Natural relief to tinnitus through Yoga: Is it a myth or reality? – a case report

Anuradha Sharma

Ravinder Thakur

Sanjay Munjal

Naresh Panda

Rajwinder Kaur


Tinnitus individuals often report psychological problem like anger, depression, low confidence etc. Due to Lack of any well-structured approach for the tinnitus treatment, many approaches have been utilized in the past to reduce the psychological issues in tinnitus suffers. However, the effectiveness of the Yoga in this context is not well studied. Therefore, in the present case efficacy of the Yoga is studied in reducing the tinnitus related psychological problems. Tinnitus retraining therapy and Yoga was introduced for the six months. Tinnitus handicap, Quality of life, depression and anxiety were assessed before and after the treatment. Patient’s post therapy scores of on all measures i.e., Tinnitus handicap inventory, hospital anxiety and depression scale, WHO-BREF, tinnitus functional index were reduced as compared to scores at the time of the initial assessment. Yoga is an effective treatment option in reducing the handicap, depression and anxiety in tinnitus patient. This further can leads to the improvement in quality of life of tinnitus sufferer.






Tinnitus retraining therapy