• Review Article
  • Year:2022
  • Volume:3
  • Issue:2

The Role Of Yoga Practice in Management Of Coronary Artery Disease

Neelam Dahiya

Swati Kumari

Manjari Rain

Rupesh Kumar

Gurmeet Singh


Background: Yoga has quickly risen to one of the common complementary and alternative medicine) practice worldwide. Yoga has been useful in primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD) including coronary artery diseases (CAD). Many evidences suggest that Yoga is safe and efficacious in reducing various risk factors of CAD such as stress, anxiety, depression, diabetes and hypertension. Yoga also improves quality of life, and reduces other psychological burdens in patients of CAD. Summary: We intend here to look into the available literature on the role of Yoga in CAD, how Yoga can be an alternative and cost-effective model for cardiac rehabilitation worldwide, especially in low-income countries. Key message: Yoga has been associated with improvement in general health, prevention of cardiovascular risk factor and of other non-communicable diseases. Yoga has shown improvement in BMI, blood pressure, lipid profile, slows lesion progression in CAD. However, the biomolecules through which Yoga acts on body is unclear in CAD. There should be emphasis on yoga practice at community level which is the need in current era.





Cardiac Rehabilitation


Quality of life

Alternative therapies