• Research Article
  • Year:2020
  • Volume:1
  • Issue:2

Mindfulness and yoga halt the conversion of pre-diabetic rural women into diabetics-a pilot study

Navneet Kaur

Neeru Malik

Deepali Mathur

Surinder Pal

Sumit Rana


Background and Purpose: A plethora of studies have been conducted in the past, which have proven the salutary effects of yoga practice. Yoga and other mind body techniques are deemed as stress relievers and have shown therapeutic effectiveness in preventing the development and progression of several lifestyle diseases including Diabetes. Yoga practice may help in managing Diabetes by regulating the glucose levels in blood. In this study we have evaluated the efficacy of three months of AYUSH-approved Diabetic Yoga Protocol (DYP) on high-risk individuals.


Glycated Haemoglobin

Diabetic YogaProtocol

Indian Diabetes Risk Score