• Case Report
  • Year:2022
  • Volume:3
  • Issue:1

Impact of Integrative therapy in remission of Multiple Myloma: A case study

Reshma Pandurang Jogdand

Amit Singh

Umashankar Khumbhare


R. Nagaratna


The present case is of Multiple Myeloma who visited Arogyadhama (SVYASA University, Bangalore) patient’s name is Mr. XXX 65 years old. In March 2019, he was admitted to arogyadhama with a diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma Stage 3 and briefed his medical history as reported to the physician on the first time with a chief complaint of severe pain in the right scapula and mid/lower back. On the advice of the orthopedist, he undertook an MRI of the backbone and a PET CT Scan. Reports revealed lesions in the vertebrae, right scapula, and other skeletal structures. Blood work: CBC, Serum Protein Electrophoresis, Free light chain, Bone marrow, etc showed very high values of Monoclonal Protein, Plasma cells, low Hb, low Albumin, etc. And as per the reports and markers condition was diagnosed as Multiple Myeloma Stage 3. The patient consulted an Oncologist at Cytecare Cancer Hospital, Yelahanka, Bangalore. And treatment commenced for 24 weeks involving Immunotherapy drugs, steroids, bone-strengthening injections, etc. Post this 24 weeks treatment, he was in remission with a maintenance drug. In Dec 2019, he consulted in Arogyadhama and briefed the physician about the diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma and the treatment received. On the physician’s suggestion, the patient enrolled himself for Integrative Therapy at SVYASA and received treatment involving various Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, and Diet therapy techniques for 27 days and followed the same protocol for a year and was successfully able to achieve positive results in the condition.


Multiple Myeloma

Stage 3


Bone pain

Lower back pain

Yoga therapy



Quality of life